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The acoustic measurements

The acoustic measurements allow to evaluate accurately the sound level in the premises and to assess the qualitative characteristics of the sound. These measurements help the acoustic engineer to define the non-compliance with noise regulations and determine the optimal way to design the soundproof structure for the most effective noise control. The calibrated precision sound level meter and the “EcoAcoustica-110A” accuracy class I spectrum analyzer are used for such measurements. The report should be drawn up on the basis of the measurement results to describe the existing sound field structure in detail.


  • Measurement of noise levels (in the apartments, offices, production shops, at sites, etc.);
  • Measurement of wall / floor structure sound insulation (weighted sound reduction index Rw, weighted normalized impact sound level Lnw). Control measurements before and after noise insulation of the premises;
  • Determination of the acoustic criteria of the premises (measurement of the reverberation time RT60 (T30), speech transmission index STI);
  • Based on the measurements and the subsequent computer processing of their results, a report will be drawn up with a detailed description and interpretation of the data obtained. Excess noise will be determined according to the effective Building Codes and Regulations (SNiP);
  • Analysis of the existing sound field will be made for the evaluation of measures for the correction of the premises acoustics. Drawing up an “acoustic passport” of a concert hall, club, recording studio, etc.
  • Assistance in the development of requirement specification for acoustic design at the initial stage;
  • Development of a design for noise insulation of the premises / Drafting recommendations for the correction of acoustics. Acoustic design will be made in accordance with domestic and international regulatory documents and procedures;
  • Delivery and installation of sound-proof and acoustic materials and structures according to the developed engineering solution.