The self-adhesive tape of chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam is designed to soundproof the structure-borne noise as well as to seal and compensate the irregularities of floors, walls and ceilings at the abutments of the drywall structures frame guides.
The self-adhesive tape can significantly reduce the vibration load over the guide elements and eliminate the acoustic bridges along the perimeter of sound insulating cladding at the abutments of cladding sheets to the adjacent surfaces.
  • Tape width: 50 mm / 100 mm / 150 mm
  • Roll length: 30 m
  • Thickness: 4 mm
  • Roll weight: 700 g
50 mm - 450 Rubles/pc
100 mm - 850 Rubles/pc
150 mm - 1250 Rubles/pc/div>
When mounting the frame partitions and cladding, the damping tape is applied between the frame profiles and the supporting building structures as well as at the abutments of the partitions lagging sheets (cladding) ends to the other building structures.

When constructing the sound-proof “floating” floors, the damping tape is applied to the walls and columns of the room a little higher than the screed coat level in order to prevent formation of acoustic bridges between the screed coat and the walls.
  • Low dynamic modulus of elasticity Ed: 0.17 MPa under the load of 2 kPa.
  • High efficiency at low thickness.
  • Hydrophobic behavior: the tape is moisture resistant.
  • Remains elastic at temperatures from -80° C to +100° C.
  • Durability: retains its properties over a long-term storage.
  • Easy and quick mounting!
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