LOCATION: Onegino Settlement
Area of premises: 45 m2
An acoustic design and the technical drawings for the builders have been compiled. Materials for complete sound insulation of a home theater room have been delivered to the site.
Sound insulation of a home cinema room has been made as per “room-in-room” principle i.e. including the sound insulation of all the walls, the floor and the ceiling. For sound insulation of the ceiling, the KNAUF profiles made frame was assembled and hung on the 25 mm Vibrostop PRO vibration insulating hangers. MaxForte-EcoAcoustic hypoallergenic slabs have been placed in two layers inside the frame. The bottom of the profile has been coated with three layers of gypsum plasterboard sheets. Noise insulation of walls in the cinema has been made in the same frame manner as the ceiling has been. Sound insulation of the floor has been made in accordance with the “floating” screed technology which means that a layer of sound insulation over the floor slab should be covered with the final screed. Sound insulation for mounting under the screed – the 110 kg/m3 MaxForte-ECOslab – has been laid in two layers. The next step was the correction of the home theater acoustics: the sound-absorbing panels have been placed on the ceiling and the walls in order to reduce the resounding inside the room. After the acoustic treatment in the hall, the optimum parameters of home theatre music and films sounding meeting the Dolby Digital standards have been achieved!