MaxForte vibroacoustic sealant is intended for sealing seals, joints and holes in soundproofing of walls and ceilings as well as in the structures of "floating" and joisted floors. Due to the low modulus of elasticity, the sealant shows the excellent vibroacoustic properties and acts as a damping layer significantly reducing the vibration load between the building structures.
MaxForte sealant is produced of high-quality imported raw materials (made in Belgium) which provide the excellent performance characteristics of this sealant and make it easy-to-squeeze, highly elastic and adhesive to all kinds of surfaces.
300 Rubles
  • Provides sound and vibration isolation.
  • Reliable sealing regardless of seam thickness.
  • High waterproofing properties.
  • Non-aggressive media.
  • Resistance to humidity changes, temperature fluctuations and solar radiation.
  • High adhesion to all types of surfaces.
  • Remains elastic after polymerization.
  • Contains fungus inhibitors and mold inhibitors.
  • White color. Odorless.
Recommended for use in structures made of the following materials: concrete, wood, bricks, plaster, plasterboard, gypsum plasterboard, glass magnesium board, OSB, wood chip board, plywood, glass, enamel, metals, ceramics, plastics.
  • Clean the sealed surfaces from dirt, dust and grease.
  • Cut off the cartridge screw head above the thread. Screw on the nozzle and cut off the tip at an angle of 45º to obtain the required cross section.
  • Fill the seam with a sealant using a sealant gun.
  • Remove excess sealant and form a seam surface within 10 minutes.
Carry out the works in the ventilated rooms. Avoid the contact of sealant with skin and eyes. If skin contact occurs, wash with plenty of warm water. The fully cured sealant is odorless and safe to handle.
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