LOCATION:Obninsk City
Karaoke room is located in the semibasement of a residential building. There had been complaints from the upper floors tenants of the increased noise in evenings and at nights. The noise has been reduced in two stages. The first stage consisted in conducting the acoustic measurements and elaborating the acoustic design. The second stage was the sound insulation mounting in the karaoke room.
For sound insulation of the ceiling and the walls, the choice was made for the strengthened sound insulation options with the combined use of MaxForte-SoundPRO and MaxForte-ECOslab materials according to the following layouts:
After the mounting was completed, the noise level in the tenants' apartments has been noticeably reduced. On the basis of the secondary measurements of noise in the upstairs apartments, the additional tuning of the karaoke music equipment has been performed. The low frequencies have been cut off and the peak sound pressure level has been slightly reduced. Thus, acting in two directions (by increasing the sound insulation of walls and floors and reconfiguring the hardware), we have been able to meet in full the requirements of the Building Codes and Regulations (SNiP) “Noise protection” dated March 23, 2003 and completely eliminate the sounds of karaoke in the neighboring residential premises!