MaxForte-EcoAcoustic sound-absorbing slabs are made from 100% polyester (polyester fibers) without the addition of adhesives. An innovative technology of thermal bonding (polyester fibers melting) is used for shaping. The material is made on modern equipment by SIMA (Italy) exclusively from primary raw materials. EcoAcoustic is absolutely safe for human health: the slabs are free of the harmful substances and do not emit them!
To ensure the maximum absorption of sound waves, the technology of aerodynamic layout of fibers is used with the formation of the layerless structure cloth (non-oriented arrangement of the fibers). The slabs are easy to mount since they are not inclined to splitting, crumbling or dusting. That’s why no overalls, gloves or respirator are required for working with this material.
  • Dimensions: 1200 x 600 x 50 mm
  • Quantity per package: 2.88 m² / 0.144 m³ / 4 pieces
  • Density 1000 g / m²
  • Package weight: 3 kg
  • Плиты MaxForte-EcoAcoustic slabs are designed for use in residential and office premises for sound insulation of walls and ceilings as a part of metal-framed structures as well as for sound insulation of joisted floors.
  • Hypoallergenic product. The slabs are free of phenol-formaldehyde, acrylic and other harmful resins.
  • EcoAcoustic is ideal for allergic persons and asthmatics.
  • Hygroscopicity: the material does not spoil from moisture. This material is rot-resistant.
  • Also, this material is mold and insects resistant.
  • This material retains its shape and does not shrink over time.
  • High thermal insulation properties: thermal conductivity is equal to 0.032 W/(m x K).
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