Uni-component liquid rubber is designed to seal the seams of roll materials MaxForte-Standard and MaxForte-ShumoIzol. This compound is made from high-quality raw materials. It is a pasteous mass consisting of highly viscous latex emulsion, rubber and polymer additives.
After the liquid rubber MaxForte-HydroStop is completely dry, it forms a strong elastic compound with high waterproofing properties for bonding cloths. This product does not require the special skills, so it should be used in both the industrial applications and the private housing sector: the apartments, the cottages and the private houses.
  • Packing - in plastic cans, 5 liters/can
  • Liquid rubber consumption for 1 mm thick layer ≈ 1.2 kg/m²
  • Can weight: 6 kg
  • Color: black
350 руб/л
  • The liquid rubber compound is ready for use.
  • Easy to apply with a brush or a sprayer.
  • 0.5 mm thick layer dries completely in only 2-3 hours.
  • Reliable adhesion to all surfaces.
  • The product is completely health safe!
  • Odorless!
Carry out the works in the ventilated rooms. Use rubber gloves, overalls and other personal protective equipment when applying. Accidental skin contact does not cause burns or irritation.
Compound in the liquid state is washed off with water and soap, and then the skin should be treated with a softening cream.
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