The efficiency of soundproofing of the entire structure depends on the components of the sound insulation system. That’s why the experts select them with special care. The MaxForte company produces modern materials for sound insulation of apartments at its own manufacturing facilities in Moscow and St. Petersburg since 2010. MaxForte constantly holds the leading positions in the market due to high quality of its products. MaxForte offers a wide range of products for sound insulation of walls and floors at competitive prices. Our products will help you to achieve the maximum efficiency without sacrificing the area of your premises.
1090 Rubles/m2
Cutting-edge technologies
MaxForte-SoundPRO (SoundPRO) is a new generation material created on the basis of our know-how in the field of acoustical engineering and our expertise in mounting works. That’s why MaxForte-SoundPRO not only absorbs sound effectively but is also easy to mount. This material features a minimum thickness of 12 mm and provides the maximum protection against the airborne and impact noises. MaxForte-SoundPRO is indispensable in small apartments where every centimeter counts! This material is absolutely environmentally friendly: it is free of adhesives and other chemicals. MaxForte-SoundPRO is ideal for sound insulation of ceilings and floors of apartments and other premises. This material also serves as a fireproof insulation (since it is absolutely non-flammable) and a heat insulation!
300 Rubles/m2
Reliable sound insulation at the lowest price
MaxForte sound-absorbing slabs are designed for sound insulation of walls, ceilings and floor structures as well as joisted floors. This environmentally friendly product is made of 100% volcanic rock (free of impurities, slag or blast-furnace wastes). This product is free of dangerous for humans phenol-formaldehyde substances which are completely replaced with the PVA glue. The 60 kg/m³ MaxForte-ECOslab enables the excellent acoustic properties, namely: the maximum sound absorption class "A", the NRC index = 0.96 for a thickness of 50 mm and NRC = 0.98 for a thickness of 100 mm. Due to this, the ECOslab can be successfully used for sound insulation of the premises which are the most difficult for soundproofing, such as: the multiplex cinemas, the recording studios, the listening rooms, the home theaters, etc.
420 Rubles/m2
Reliable sound insulation at the lowest price
The 80 kg/m³ MaxForte-ECOslabs are the 100% basalt made sound-absorbing slabs intended for sound insulation of walls and ceilings in the KNAUF PP 60/27 m profile based thin structures. Being only 30 mm in thickness, the 80 kg/m³ ECOslab provides the same sound absorption as its 5 cm thick analogues do, due to its increased density. The 80 kg/m³ ECOslab based sound insulation is maximum 4-5 cm in depth. This product is environmentally friendly. ECOslab is free of harmful phenol-formaldehyde resins based binders which are commonly used by the manufacturers of the mineral wool plates. Moreover, MaxForte-ECOslab also serves as a heat-insulating material since it is absolutely non-flammable. Due to this, MaxForte-ECOslab can also be used as a fireproof insulation!
375 Rubles/m2
Optimum noise protection
This material consists of polyester microfibers and absorbs the sound waves perfectly. This slab also has the other advantages over its analogues. This modern material for sound insulation of the walls and the joisted floors of the apartments is non-flammable and mechanical impact resistant. You can buy the MaxForte-EcoAcoustic in Moscow at affordable prices. This product is absolutely hypoallergenic and therefore safe for humans. The slabs are not inclined to splitting or crumbling when mounted, so no overalls are required for mounting them.
790 Rubles/m2
Environmentally friendly soundproofing panels
The ECOpanel frame is filled with a sand. This product provides a high level of the floors and ceilings protection from the external sounds. ECOpanel dissipates the sound waves and reflects them from the walls. Moreover, it enables special properties providing the transformation of the sound waves energy into the heat energy. The significant weight of the panels ensures efficient soundproofing of the premises against the low frequencies as well. Such material is especially suitable for soundproofing the rooms with a home theater or a stereo system. You will receive a sound waves protection index against airborne noise of as low as Rw = 48 dB.
160 Rubles/pc
Vibration insulation against the basic sources of noise
VibroStop Standart is the basic mount used for sound insulation of the KNAUF profile when soundproofing the ceilings and the walls. It provides reliable soundproofing against the domestic noise. This vibration insulating hanger is great for sound insulation of apartments due to its small thickness and suitability for use in thin soundproofing structures. The cladding with VibroStop Standart provides an increase in sound insulation of up to 14 dB having a thickness of only 4 cm.
300 Rubles/tube
This is the neutral type 100% silicone sealant
The MaxForte vibroacoustic sealant is based on the 100% silicone ensuring the additional noise insulation of the ceiling in the apartments and the houses. This high-quality sealant is untended not only for sealing the seams of the walls but also for working with the "floating" floors systems. The low modulus of elasticity provides the excellent vibro-acoustic performance and the substantially low vibration load between the building blocks similarly to the damping layer.
от 450 р/шт.
The self-adhesive tape of chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam
MaxForte damping tape is designed to soundproof the structure-borne noise as well as to seal and compensate the irregularities of floors, walls and ceilings at the abutments of the drywall structures frame guides. The self-adhesive tape can significantly reduce the vibration load over the guide elements and eliminate the acoustic bridges along the perimeter of sound insulating cladding at the abutments of cladding sheets to the adjacent surfaces.