The MaxForte membrane is an innovative state-of-the-art ultra-thin material (which is only 3.7 millimeters in thickness). The MaxForte viscoelastic membrane is a high-density synthetic polymer-based material free of bitumen or raw rubber. Thanks to such a composition, the membranes are elastic, resilient, strong and durable.
The MaxForte viscoelastic membrane is used in framed drywall systems to prevent the unwanted resonance phenomena. The membranes should be glued directly onto the surface of the drywall sheets from the inside of the supporting frame. The membrane is the most efficient when it is used as a layer pinched between two drywall sheets. In this case, the frame cladding reduces the re-emission of noise. This is especially important for the music and theater rooms and the recording studios.
  • Dimensions: 2500 х 1200 х 3.7 mm
  • Roll area 3 m²
  • Roll weight: 21 kg
800 Rubles/m2
  • Drywall partitions. Framed and frameless structures of walls and ceilings.
  • Roofs made of rolled materials and profiled metal roofs.
  • Damping of drainpipes, soil stacks, vent ducts, entrance doors, etc.
  • Soundproofing the cabs, the workshops, the metal hangars.
  • Special sound-absorbing low-frequency structures in the recording studios and the listening rooms (bass traps, Bekesy shields, etc.).
  • High density and weight (the square meter weight is 8 kg).
  • The membrane is only 4 mm thick.
  • Increased plasticity and internal losses.
  • No resonance frequency is available. No resonation of the material.
  • The material remains elastic down to -20°C.
  • The material is moisture resistant, rot-resistant and fungi-resistant.
  • The odorless product.
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