LOCATION: Tiopliy Stan, Moscow
In Prince Park Hotel, the sound insulation between the rooms has been made. The Building Codes and Regulations (SNiP) “Noise protection” dated March 23, 2003 require the sound insulation between the rooms of 4 and 5 stars hotels to be equal to Rw = 53 dB. The easiest way to achieve such value is to erect the drywall soundproofing partition according to the Sound insulation of partitions layout. Basic option. The partition is based on the 50/50 mm Knauf or Gyprok profile with the 60 kg/m3 MaxForte-ECOslab sound-absorbing slab. Two layers of drywall are attached by each side of the profile. The total thickness of the partition resulted in 100 mm.
Sound insulation between the vertically adjacent rooms has been made in the floor of the upper room by placing the MaxForte-ShumoIzol backerboard under the screed. This material provides an increase in noise insulation of 27 dB allowing to meet the normative values for hotels with surplus. The ShumoIzol rolls should be unrolled over the rough floor (directly over the floor or over the levelling screed) and their edges should be bent on the walls. Next, the regular sand-concrete screed should be applied. Mounting technique: Floor soundproofing. Screed over ShumoIzol.