Area of premises: 190 m2
Three halls have been soundproofed in the Sharabara restaurant. Two halls are located on the first floor and a large hall is located on the ground floor. The first hall is a karaoke room, the second one is a VIP Lounge, and the third one is a general hall of the restaurant.
The following tasks had been set by the Customer:
  • soundproofing the rooms among themselves;
  • soundproofing the halls from the office and the kitchen;
  • maximum noise reduction in the upstairs apartments.
Our experts visited the premises to assess the situation and conduct the acoustic measurements. Based on the measurement data, the options for soundproofing the ceiling, the walls and the partitions of the restaurant were selected. As a sound-absorbing layer, the MaxForte-ECOslabs were used. These sound-absorbing slabs are designed specially for soundproofing the premises with special requirements for sound insulation, such as: cinemas, recording studios, karaoke rooms and other similar premises. The structures based on KNAUF dry construction standard designs were selected for the restaurant, and the customer has assembled these structures itself. The Customer was satisfied by the quality level of the resulting sound insulation on all three items!