Solutions for floor soundproofing

The most popular option of floor soundproofing is a “floating” screed coat i.e. the screed coat made on the sound insulation layer. Special damping materials eliminate all the rigid constraints between the screed coat plate and the floor structure. Due to the absence of acoustic bridges, the compliance with the Building Codes and Regulations (SNiP) “Noise protection” is ensured with surplus and the high-quality sound insulation of the floor is obtained!

Width 5-6 cm

Reliable floor soundproofing for apartments and offices. Using MaxForte-SoundPRO under the screed makes possible to cut off completely both the airborne noises (like voices, shouts, dogs barking) and the impact noises (like tramping and falling objects). The advantage of this soundproofing option is a small thickness which is particularly important for low ceiling bearing-wall houses. MaxForte-SoundPRO rolls are easy to lay or raise to the walls, and this allows to accelerate the works. Reducing the noise level to 34 dB ensures the complete isolation from the noise by the neighbors from below.

Width 2-3 cm

Basic soundproofing of apartment floors. MaxForte-ShumoIzol rolls should be spread over a pre-leveled floor and then covered with two layers of gypsum plasterboard sheets. For a dry screed, the plywood sheets or the ready-made components of KNAUF-Superpol system can also be used. The advantages of this option are the fast mounting (no wet works required) and the small thickness of the whole structure which is particularly important for low ceiling bearing-wall houses. This design provides the impact noise reduction of as down as 20 dB!

Width 9-10 cm

The floor soundproofing with laying of the 110 kg/m³ MaxForte-ECOslabs provides the maximum soundproofing at an affordable price. This option is ideal for rooms with increased requirements for sound insulation (home stereo or theater) as well as for any apartments where the floor is planned to be raised for at least 9-10 cm. The 110 kg/m³ MaxForte-ECOslab is specially designed for the floor soundproofing. That’s why it combines, on the one hand, the high-quality sound insulation and, on the other hand, the structural stability of the screed. Due to the optimal density and structure of the 110 kg/m³ ECOslab, the screed behavior is very stable: it does not spring and does not sag over time!

Width 4-5 cm

Using MaxForte-ShumoIzol under the screed is a standard floor soundproofing solution for new buildings where the sand-concrete screed is required. The increase in floor soundproofing equal to 27 dB guarantees the compliance with all requirements of the Building Codes and Regulations (SNiP) “Noise protection” including those for class A “Luxury Housing”! In addition to superior soundproofing, MaxForte-ShumoIzol also provides high-quality waterproofing of the premises.

Width 9-10 cm

Soundproof floating joisted floors can me effectively used in reconstruction of buildings with wooden floor structures (where the use of massive screeds is impermissible) as well as in the repaired apartments where no wet works are allowable. The joisted floor is the proven solution for effective soundproofing against both impact and airborne noise. Quick mounting and simple design make the joisted floor an attractive option for the floor soundproofing!

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Apartment soundproofing has become an integral part of the repair works today. The low quality construction and the improper layout, as well as the use of the modern powerful speakers, result in the necessity of the noise insulation.
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Increased audibility of neighbors behind the wall may be found in any apartment, regardless of the type of the housing. As a rule, the anxiety is caused by the airborne noise like voices, TV, screams or dogs barking. Structure-borne noise disturbs more rarely. It may be the movement of an elevator or the flowing water in the pipes. In our company, you can buy the soundproofing which completely removes the noise from the neighbors!

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Poor soundproofing of ceiling against the upstairs neighbors is the most common problem encountered by our customers. Upstairs tramping, falling objects, moving furniture and other impact noises are the top irritants. And this is not surprising: the improper construction of the floor in the upstairs neighbors’ apartment may result in exceeding the standard values for as much as 20 dB! Let us analyze the options of soundproofing the ceiling prior to mounting of the stretch ceiling or the suspended drywall ceiling.

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No intermediate floor, even the thickest one, can ever meet the requirements of the Building Codes and Regulations (SNiP) for Noise Protection in terms of soundproofing against the impact noises. Due to violation of the building technologies, the intermediate floors often contact with the pipes and become the conductors of structure-born noise. Let us choose the best option for soundproofing the floors and the floor structures of an apartment or a house!

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friendly materials
Sound insulation materials free of phenol and other harmful substances. 
Modern materials allow to remove noise with minimal loss of area.
for materials
Original materials from the manufacturer, the efficiency is confirmed by acoustic tests.
of structures
All sound insulation structures are robust and able to withstand a large weight (you can hang on them a TV, an air conditioning, or the other objects).
After mounting, you get a flat surface which does not require the additional levelling.
Free advise of acoustic engineer by phone or at the company's office
Materials calculation and sound insulation design for your apartment
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