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Soundproofing of floor takes 5-6 cm.


Step 1

Before starting soundproofing jobs, you have to thoroughly check floor slab and joints between slab and walls for cracks. The cracks you have found should be filled up by cement-sand mortar.

All construction garbage and roughness should be removed from the floor slab. If the floor slab is strongly inclined (incline drop more or equal 2 cm) - fill the concrete screed.

shumoizol 1

Step 2

Unroll the rolls of MaxForte-Shumoizol PRO by the soft side on the leveled floor so the construction will looks like "trough": edges of the rolls MaxForte-Shumoizol PRO should be over the heigth of the future floor (even more you should have reserve 1-2 cm of them - you could cut them after you get the final height of the floor).

shumoizol 2

Rolls should be placed back to back, joints between rolls of MaxForte-Shumoizol PRO thoroughly covered with liquid rubber, or glued by construction tape width 50mm.

shumoizol 4

Step 3

You have to install reinforced mesh BP-1 width 4-5 mm with 50x50 mm cell or 100x100mm cell. Mesh should be placed in screed layer not lower then 20 mm from the lowest point and not higher then middle line of the screed.

Mesh is installed with overlapping joints not lower then 25 diameters of reinforcement (10-12.5 cm).

Step 4

Floating cement-sand screed is filled up by thickness of 50-70mm with surface density ≥ 100 kg / m²

Usually for screed is using sand concrete M300.

Time for full drying of screed is about 3-4 weeks.

Important: «floating» screed SHOULD NOT touch the floor slab or wall перекрытия или стен. In other cases the sound bridge will appears and level of sound proofing is getting low.

Between screed and walls should be placed the MaxForte-Shumoizol PRO.

After drying screed - cut the overage of the MaxForte-Shumoizol PRO and seal the joints by vybroacoustic sealant (silicon sealant) MaxForte Sealant.

shumoizol 5

Step 5

After finishing sound proofing mounting jobs - you have to install finish layer of the future floor.

Important: plinth should be fasten to floor or to wall (not both to wall & floor simultaneously).


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