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Soundproofing of floor takes 5-6 cm.


Step 1

Before starting works related to soundproofing of the floor, thoroughly check the floor slab and joints between the slab and the walls for cracks. Any cracks discovered should be filled up with cement and sand grout (CSG).

Eliminate all debris and any irregularities from the floor slab. If the slab is tilted heavily (the difference of levels throughout the space is > 2 cm), use preliminary concrete screed as a leveling blanket.


Step 2

Spread MaxForte-SoundPRO rolls on the leveled floor so that a kind of a trough is formed: edges of MaxForte-SoundPRO rolls should overlap the walls at the height of the future finish floor (preferably with some margin: the excess can be easily cut off later while a deficient height of the lining between the screed and the walls cannot be built up).


Lay the rolls with a 4-5 cm overlap. Smear the joints between MaxForte-SoundPRO rolls thoroughly with MaxForte-HydroStop liquid rubber or seal them with construction tape 50 mm in width.


Step 3

In order to prevent the screed solution from penetrating into the soundproofing layer, lay polyethylene construction film 0.2 mm in thickness on MaxForte-SoundPRO. The film should also be extended to the walls at a height of 10 cm. Separate strips of film should be laid with an overlap of at least 20 cm. Joints should be connected with tape.


Step 4

Mount BP-1 reinforcing net 4-5 mm in thickness with 50 x 50 mm or 100 x 100 mm cells on the screed guides. The net should be located in the screed layer not lower than 20 mm from its lower level and not higher than the screed center line.

Lay the net with an overlap of joints of at least 25 diameters of the reinforcement (10-12.5 cm).

Step 5

Provide cement and sand screed 50-70 mm in thickness with surface density ≥ 100 kg/m².

M300 sandcrete is usually used for screed. Complete drying takes 3-4 weeks.

Pour the screed in each room separately.


Attention: floating screed MUST NOT touch the slab or the walls. Otherwise, sound bridges are formed and the soundproofing level goes down significantly!

MaxForte-SoundPRO should be placed between the screed and the walls.

After the screed dries out, cut excess of MaxForte-SoundPRO along the perimeter and seal the joint with non-solidifying MaxForte vibroacoustic sealant.


Step 6

After the floor soundproofing work is over, mount the finish floor.

Attention: skirting should be attached to either only the floor or only the walls.

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