Solutions for ceiling soundproofing

Width 7-8 cm

The most proven sound insulation option used in apartments. The vibration isolation is ensured by special MaxForte PRO series vibration insulating hangers. The sound is absorbed by the MaxForte-ECOslab or EcoAcoustic sound-absorbing slabs. The sound insulation of the ceiling meets the standard KNAUF designs, so it can be mounted by any workers engaged in repair of apartments. Both airborne and impact noises will be removed with the same efficiency (with noise reduction down to 20 dB)!

Width 4-5 cm

This is a second thin option of ceiling soundproofing. In this option, the impact noise is isolated by the VibroStop Standart vibration insulating hangers, and the sound is absorbed by the 80 kg/m³ MaxForte-ECOslabs (thin slabs of 3 cm in thickness). This structure is based on the 60/27 mm KNAUF profile providing a smooth ceiling surface. After the ceiling is mounted, it is ready for finishing; no additional levelling should be required. The above structure is designed for complete isolation against the domestic noises – like voices, TV, footsteps and trampling – in the apartment buildings. Noise reduction down to 14 dB.

Width 9-10 cm

This option provides the maximum sound insulation of the ceiling in the most difficult cases including home theaters, stereo systems, or strong impact noises from the upstairs. As the first layer, the MaxForte-SoundPRO in rolls should be attached to the ceiling; then, the KNAUF profiles should be attached via the vibration insulating hangers; next, the sound-absorbing 60 kg/m³ MaxForte-ECOslabs should be placed between the profiles. The combined use of two sound-absorbing materials - the MaxForte SoundPRO and the 60 kg/m³ ECOslab - allows to get the highest possible sound absorption at the entire range of the frequencies including the low frequencies (the impact noises like tramping or falling objects). After the mounting, we get a completely soundproof ceiling with an increase in sound insulation of 22-25 dB!

Width 4-5 cm

This thinnest option of ceiling soundproofing comprises the drywall and the profiles. It is an ideal solution for the apartments with low ceilings where every centimeter counts. This structure is based on the 60/27 mm KNAUF profile providing a smooth ceiling surface immediately. The rolls of MaxForte-SoundPRO – a state-of-the-art composite material which is only 12 mm in thickness – are applied for sound insulation. This material should be attached to the ceiling with ordinary expansion anchors. At the points where the frame is attached to the concrete, the SoundPRO is compressed and due to this acts as a damper reducing the vibration. At the rest area of the ceiling, the material absorbs the sound waves due to its fibrous structure. Thanks to the enhanced flexibility of SoundPRO, it can be used as sound insulation even for complex-shaped ceilings (with pipes, wiring, or height difference). 3-4 times reduction of noise from the upstairs (down to 12-14 dB).

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Apartment soundproofing has become an integral part of the repair works today. The low quality construction and the improper layout, as well as the use of the modern powerful speakers, result in the necessity of the noise insulation.
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Increased audibility of neighbors behind the wall may be found in any apartment, regardless of the type of the housing. As a rule, the anxiety is caused by the airborne noise like voices, TV, screams or dogs barking. Structure-borne noise disturbs more rarely. It may be the movement of an elevator or the flowing water in the pipes. In our company, you can buy the soundproofing which completely removes the noise from the neighbors!

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Poor soundproofing of ceiling against the upstairs neighbors is the most common problem encountered by our customers. Upstairs tramping, falling objects, moving furniture and other impact noises are the top irritants. And this is not surprising: the improper construction of the floor in the upstairs neighbors’ apartment may result in exceeding the standard values for as much as 20 dB! Let us analyze the options of soundproofing the ceiling prior to mounting of the stretch ceiling or the suspended drywall ceiling.

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No intermediate floor, even the thickest one, can ever meet the requirements of the Building Codes and Regulations (SNiP) for Noise Protection in terms of soundproofing against the impact noises. Due to violation of the building technologies, the intermediate floors often contact with the pipes and become the conductors of structure-born noise. Let us choose the best option for soundproofing the floors and the floor structures of an apartment or a house!

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friendly materials
Sound insulation materials free of phenol and other harmful substances. 
Modern materials allow to remove noise with minimal loss of area.
for materials
Original materials from the manufacturer, the efficiency is confirmed by acoustic tests.
of structures
All sound insulation structures are robust and able to withstand a large weight (you can hang on them a TV, an air conditioning, or the other objects).
After mounting, you get a flat surface which does not require the additional levelling.
Free advise of acoustic engineer by phone or at the company's office
Materials calculation and sound insulation design for your apartment
Our expert’s visit to your site for consultation and measurements