Increased audibility of neighbors behind the wall may be found in any apartment, regardless of the type of the housing. As a rule, the anxiety is caused by the airborne noise like voices, TV, screams or dogs barking. Structure-borne noise disturbs more rarely. It may be the movement of an elevator or the flowing water in the pipes. In our company, you can buy the soundproofing which completely removes the noise from the neighbors!
(2-3 cm thick)
The thinnest sound insulation option. Ideal for those who have every inch counted. Sound absorption in the structure is performed by MaxForte-SoundPRO – a composite material of a new generation, only 12 mm in thickness. Simple and quick mounting without the use of profiles will allow you to make the sound insulation yourself without engaging the workers. Noise reduction in 3 times (9-11 dB).
(4-5 cm thick)
Ideal for small apartments in new buildings. The wall soundproofing design is identical to the previous option, but with addition of thin 60/27 mm KNAUF profile for attachment of gypsum plasterboard and drywall sheets. Using the KNAUF profile allows to eliminate immediately all typical for new buildings irregularities and height discontinuities of the walls, and significantly save on the levelling of the walls. After mounting of sound insulation you will immediately get a smooth surface. In addition, the works on electricity and the electrical outlets are simplified: no grooves in the walls will be needed since the wiring will pass inside the frame and the outlet boxes will be cut into the drywall. High strength, small thickness and excellent sound insulation made this option the most popular among the experts and the customers.
(4-5 cm thick)
The best option for small rooms. The basis of the structure are the 80 kg/m³ MaxForte-ECOslab providing sound absorption and the 60/27 mm KNAUF profile providing rigidity and high load capacity. Any items, including kitchen accessories, can be hung on the cladding. In addition, the wall will be immediately smooth after soundproofing and ready for finishing; no additional levelling should be required. The structure is designed for complete isolation against domestic noises (voices, TV, dogs barking). Noise reduction down to 14 dB.
(7-8 cm thick)
The most proven sound insulation option used in apartments. The combined use of two sound-absorbing materials - the MaxForte SoundPRO and the 60 kg/m³ ECOslab - allows to get the highest possible sound absorption at the entire range of the frequencies including the low frequencies (the stereo systems and the home theaters). The mounting of cladding ensures the full compliance with all requirements of the Building Codes and Regulations (SNiP) “Noise protection” including those for class A “Luxury Housing” and allows to achieve the perfect silence. Noise reduction down to 22 dB.
(12-13 cm thick)
Maximum sound insulation at minimum cost. If you are not embarrassed by the loss of the area, then the option for you will be the 100/50 mm KNAUF profile filled with two layers of the 60 kg/m³ MaxForte-ECOslab. This structure provides excellent sound insulation against low frequencies. This design has proved itself as ideal for use in home theaters, stereo systems listening rooms and home studios.
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friendly materials
Sound insulation materials free of phenol and other harmful substances. 
Modern materials allow to remove noise with minimal loss of area.
for materials
Original materials from the manufacturer, the efficiency is confirmed by acoustic tests.
of structures
All sound insulation structures are robust and able to withstand a large weight (you can hang on them a TV, an air conditioning, or the other objects).
After mounting, you get a flat surface which does not require the additional levelling.
Free advise of acoustic engineer by phone or at the company's office
Materials calculation and sound insulation design for your apartment
Our expert’s visit to your site for consultation and measurements