Isol.Mat - Soundproof roll

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  • Noise Reduction Сoefficient (NRC) :
  • Package square:
  • Active material:
  • Package size and weight:
    0,55 х 0,5 х 0,5m; 0.12m& sup3, 15kg
  • Sound reduction index:
    30 dB
  • Dimensions:
    1.4 x 5m; thickness 14 mm
  • Density:
    2 kg/m²
5 060.00 rub.

MaxForte IZOL.MAT is one of the latest and most efficient developments of our company. The ideal solution for soundproofing any room. Due to its pronounced vibration-absorbing (VIBRATION DAMPING) and sound-absorbing properties, it can be used both for residential buildings and for social facilities (schools, hospitals, kindergartens). Its versatility is highly appreciated by our customers! It is based on high quality fiberglass, needle-punched design, sealed in a hermetically sealed sheath with a vapor-tight protection.


  • Dimensions: 5000 x 1500 x 14 mm
  • Roll dimensions:: 7,5 m² / 0,14 m³
  • Roll weight: 15 kg
  • Color: black / white


MaxForte IZOL.MAT finds itself in a huge number of areas of application. Among them:

  • performing soundproofing works on floors based on floating screeds;
  • the formation of a layer with a shock-absorbing function and the ability to absorb a noise wave in soundproof cladding;
  • laying material in interfloor, wooden floors. Its use allows to reduce the level of airborne and constructional noise by 30-40%!

Properties and advantages

Several unique features are characteristic of MaxForte IZOL.MAT. It is they that allow him to look more preferable in front of analogues on the market:

  • low price in the conditions of the prevailing economic realities. If you are limited in the estimate, but you need to do a large amount of work without losing quality - MaxForte IZOL.MAT is what you need;
  • the minimum thickness of the soundproofing layer. Ideal for cladding partitions and walls. Even after finishing with plasterboard, the working layer will not exceed 3 cm. In particular, this can be achieved by including fiberglass with a superfine structure in the composition;
  • high efficiency of the material in comparison with analogues. Maximum sound absorption class ("A") and high noise reduction factor (NRC)!

He does not find more effective alternative replacements when performing soundproofing works in frame or frameless schemes!

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