Sound insulation for pipes MaxForte SoundPIPE

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  • Package size and weight:
    0.5 x 0.55 x 0.05 m; 0,02m³, 10 kg
  • Airborne Sound reduction index:
    32 dB
  • Dimensions:
    40 x 50 cm, 6 pcs. Designed for D 110 pipe 3 m high
3 120.00 rub.

MaxForte SoundPIPE is designed for sound insulation of sewer pipes, water supply pipes, ventilation pipes, air ducts and other communications located in apartments, offices or industrial premises.

Properties and advantages

  • Effective protection against water noise
  • Made specifically for soundproofing the apartment
  • Viscoelastic diaphragm for maximum vibration reduction
  • High density reduces even low frequency noise
  • Fast and easy installation
  • A ready-made set for soundproofing pipes does not require special skills

Installation instructions

  • dirt and condensation must be removed from the pipe surface
  • remove the protective layer from the soundproof list
  • press the adhesive side to the pipe
  • fix the sheet with ties
  • the second and subsequent sheet is attached without gaps
  • the last sheet is cut to the length of the pipe
  • after fixing all sheets on the pipe, joints, seams, slots must be glued with reinforcing tape


  • Soundproof lists, 400x500 mm - 6 pcs
  • reinforced scotch tape - 1 piece
  • plastic clamps - 14 pcs

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